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The Coranderrk prefix stands before Show, Obedience and Retrieving Trial Champions.  The Coranderrk prefix was registered in 1944 by Fiona's grandmother, Dorothy Thompson, who bred and showed Labrador Retrievers.  

In 1964 the prefix was taken over by Fiona's parents, Barry and Jennifer O'Shannassy, who had just purchased their first Labrador Retriever and resumed the family interest in the breeding and showing of pure bred dogs.  Fiona's parents bred, both Labrador Retrievers and Irish Setters, both were involved in the promotion of pure bred dogs.  Fiona's mother subsequently obtained her judges licence for Gundogs, Hounds and Working Dogs, whereas Barry devoted his time to dog club administration and was an ACT Canine Control (ACTCA) Councilor for ten years and Secretary of the ACTCA for three of those ten years.  

Both of Fiona's parents held the position of Secretary of the ACT Gundog Society, Fiona has also been Secretary of the Society as well as holding a number of other committee positions.  The ACT Gundog Society is probably one of the only clubs in Canberra to have three members of the one family hold an executive position.  In 2000 Fiona was made a Life Member of the ACT Gundog Society.  Fiona has also been a member of the ACTCA Council.

The Coranderrk prefix was registered in both Fiona's and her parents name in 1980, and in 1990 when Barry and Jennifer were transferred to Adelaide, Fiona took over the prefix in her own right. 

It was Fiona's interest in Spaniels that promoted the purchase of our first English Springer Spaniel, Grand Champion Wongan Star Spangle, from David and Stephanie Rickard 's Wongan Kennels in 1989.  

Although Fiona did have a few years break from breeding and showing dogs her interest has always been maintained, as she spent a fairly large proportion of recreation time attending and participating in dog showing, and was the top Junior handler in the ACT until she was too old to participate in these classes.  We look forward to many more successful years with our interest in canine activities. 

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